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My friend found out that I like Friendly Fires, so he gave me this album before it was released. They’re an American band, very indie, and very much remind me of Friendly Fires.

I really like all the arty stuff on their album cover and their website design, and their lyrics are very simple and don’t really have much meaning. Very indie.

There are some songs on this album that I really see potential in, and there are a few that annoy me with a touch of ‘club remix’ in them. There’s a song called ‘Lisa Baby’ whose catchy guitar riffs remain in your head for weeks, in a good way. But there are other songs like ‘Next In Line’, which are┬ámore Klaxons. Who annoy me. I liked their first material, but their popular song ‘Echos’, which I think this song really sounds like, got in my head- but, even though I hate to say it, in a bad way.

So, mixed feelings for Walk the Moon. But also mixed songs within the album, such as ‘Jenny’, which is funky pop and almost sounds like Olly Murs.

Tell me what you think. Thanks, Ethan.