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Now, I might be thought of as crazy for what I am about to write.

Here’s the first. I was watching ‘MTV Rocks’ last night.

Here’s the second. I was actually shamefully enjoying ‘Twenty funniest rock videos of all time!’… I know, I know…..

Here’s the third. I have been ill with ‘Liam Lynch’ fever… WHATEVA’! I think by that word in capital letters you know what I’m talking about. *humming*… “I went down to the beach and saw Kiki She was, like, all “ehhhh” And I was, like, “whatever!”… Now I know that Liam Lynch isn’t sparkling new, but that’s my campaign: Get people to say “Whatever!” like Liam Lynch, i.e American, teenage, careless… etc. Or, do something like this…

My friend goes “have you never heard that song?!”, and I felt a bit ashamed, so at least no-one can say that to me any more.  “so, I got home at 3am this morning…”, he says, and I reply, “it’s three A.M. And I’m on the corner, wearing my leather, This dude comes up and he’s, like, “hey, punk!” I’m, like, “yeah, whatever!”  ”

I’d like to revive this old chunk of gold, for whatever reason that my fingers are writing this post. Or maybe it’s because I don’t want to see people in the coming years to think of One Direction as the ‘band of our generation’, but perhaps something with more novelty than whatever that other thing are.

But, please, do try it, because if one person does the Liam Lynch, then they can make five other people, and suddenly something that was popular in 2003 will become even more popular in 2012…

Thanks, Ethan.

I found this band called The Monumentos, and chances are that you haven’t heard of them. After sort of accidentally finding them through Facebook, I went a bit crazy. They’ve only released a few songs, and their most popular one is “Crooks”. A laid-back slice of funk-rock, Crooks is the perfect song to listen to after you get back from school. Or Uni. Or work. Either way, this is a perfect winding down song. The lyrics are beautiful, and when you read them as text you would mistake them for a poem. Their live video on YouTube gives you a sense of who they really are. They’re a group of high school teenagers, who decided they might have a go at making music. OK,  but all bands start out somewhere. Even Bombay Bicycle Club started out in secondary school. So please listen to this song, positively minded, all the way through, and bear in mind they could be huge soon.

I’m sure you’ll love them, Ethan. (Please feel free to e-mail me on