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Last Thursday, Ethan and I traveled all the way to KINGSTON UPON THAMES (yeah, I know), to see Metronomy play a gig at McClusky’s, a nightclub that was just as hard to locate with the naked eye as it was with the help of Google maps. I knew the gig would be intimate, but there can’t have been more than 80 people, which I really enjoyed, as I was expecting to be gasping for air as I skirted around a mosh pit. I also knew the gig would be open to all ages, but I still didn’t expect there to be such a range. There were five year olds, high above the crowd and perched upon their parent’s shoulders, teenagers, twenty year olds, thirty year olds, forty plus and I think I even saw an elderly member of the public, headbanging or something. How rock and roll is that?

The band played fan favorites as well as most of their newest ‘Love Letters’ album. Ethan’s more of a Metronomy… nut than I am, but I think that a) the kindly priced tickets and b) the very energetic women in front of us made me exited to follow their future steps.

I really like a performance, as well as good music when it comes to playing live. Although they all put effort into including the crowd and giving a bit of a show, I think that was the only place they faltered. My favorite of the band is the bassist, Olugbenga Adelekan, just watching him bob about as he played his made me smile. My absolute favourite song of the night was the last they played, for different reasons than that, obviously, and it’s called ‘The Most Immaculate Haircut’, I really like the simple things that the writer envies about the man in the song. The grass is always greener on the other side, but having better plant feed wont make you as happy as you imagine.

Um… superb lighting and all that, security guards did a great job (not on the lighting, that would be daft).


Another twelfth birthday album, and probably the coolest musicians that come to mind. If I were to picture them in my mind jamming, they would be sitting on a sofa casually strumming away, maybe the keyboard player on the arm of the chair, all facing away from each other. Probably wearing smart tees.

Their most famous songs come from their most recent album, The English Riviera, the songs being The Bay and The Look. (You might have that moment when you listen to the first four seconds of a song, and you immediately remember it from TV. If you have that moment when you absolutely know what I’m talking about but don’t know the ad, it was for Barclays. You’re welcome.)

There’s a lot of talk of love in their music, with all the rich and deep music and lyrics like

“I know I’m willing babe
To go the whole way
We could never be alone
When you go you’re all I’m thinking of
With love I’ll get you anyway”

What I like about the music is that it sort of resembles Cheap Girls in that they don’t just use a couple of guitars and a drummer and a vocalist, they really range with the sounds they make. They also resemble Vampire Weekend or Bombay Bicycle Club in that listening to their music makes you feel like you’re on holiday. Who they lastly resemble is OK Go/ Everything Everything/ Hot Chip/ The Cast of Cheers in that they likewise have an electro/indie (very cool, basically).

The lyrics are great, like those ones just before and the album cover is so incredibly smooth yet simple resembles the album as a whole so very well. That holiday feeling again.

COMPARISON: No-one, they’re completely unique, sorry it’s a bit cliche, but I couldn’t think of anyone.

This band were mentioned in this weeks’ NME magazine magazine by Gaslight Anthem front-man  Brian Fallon. In a a nutshell he described Ian Graham, the lead singer as having a unique voice. I think it’s something that the face of alternative music needs, the level of unique voices has died down over the last few years. It does remind me, Ian Graham’s voice, of Tom Smith, the lead singer of Editors in that it has a depth and hollowness. I felt this when I first listened to Jonathan Pierce, lead singer of The Drums’ voice.

The picture on the front of  the album cover Cheap Girls’ new album, Find Me A Drink Home, is slightly mesmerising in that you could wonder for a while as to what the picture is of. The aftermath of a party perhaps? Even after breaking up with your ex… I know when I was writing my last post in Walk The Moon I said that lyrics that don’t really seem to mean anything are very indie. And that is generally very true.  But not really as true in this band. This is because the lyrics don’t really mean very much to the listener, but we can tell that they do mean something to the writer of the song. An example is in this couple of lines

“The crash punks and I got credit cards,

And they don’t phase me when they’re living like suicide”

The other concept that I love in the band is that they are a two piece, a vocalist who also plays the guitar, the other member being a guitarist. Meaning that there isn’t a drummer- which is a unique twist, which I feel could be a new trend in big bands now. It means that the band is more subtle and soft, which suits Ian Graham’s voice. I do think that a loud powerful voice works better with a soft band, rather than crazy drums and hardcore guitar.

This is a post that I’d particularly appreciate feedback. What do you think of the lyrics? Do they mean anything to you? What do you think of the concept of a band without a drummer?


Now, I might be thought of as crazy for what I am about to write.

Here’s the first. I was watching ‘MTV Rocks’ last night.

Here’s the second. I was actually shamefully enjoying ‘Twenty funniest rock videos of all time!’… I know, I know…..

Here’s the third. I have been ill with ‘Liam Lynch’ fever… WHATEVA’! I think by that word in capital letters you know what I’m talking about. *humming*… “I went down to the beach and saw Kiki She was, like, all “ehhhh” And I was, like, “whatever!”… Now I know that Liam Lynch isn’t sparkling new, but that’s my campaign: Get people to say “Whatever!” like Liam Lynch, i.e American, teenage, careless… etc. Or, do something like this…

My friend goes “have you never heard that song?!”, and I felt a bit ashamed, so at least no-one can say that to me any more.  “so, I got home at 3am this morning…”, he says, and I reply, “it’s three A.M. And I’m on the corner, wearing my leather, This dude comes up and he’s, like, “hey, punk!” I’m, like, “yeah, whatever!”  ”

I’d like to revive this old chunk of gold, for whatever reason that my fingers are writing this post. Or maybe it’s because I don’t want to see people in the coming years to think of One Direction as the ‘band of our generation’, but perhaps something with more novelty than whatever that other thing are.

But, please, do try it, because if one person does the Liam Lynch, then they can make five other people, and suddenly something that was popular in 2003 will become even more popular in 2012…

Thanks, Ethan.

My friend found out that I like Friendly Fires, so he gave me this album before it was released. They’re an American band, very indie, and very much remind me of Friendly Fires.

I really like all the arty stuff on their album cover and their website design, and their lyrics are very simple and don’t really have much meaning. Very indie.

There are some songs on this album that I really see potential in, and there are a few that annoy me with a touch of ‘club remix’ in them. There’s a song called ‘Lisa Baby’ whose catchy guitar riffs remain in your head for weeks, in a good way. But there are other songs like ‘Next In Line’, which are more Klaxons. Who annoy me. I liked their first material, but their popular song ‘Echos’, which I think this song really sounds like, got in my head- but, even though I hate to say it, in a bad way.

So, mixed feelings for Walk the Moon. But also mixed songs within the album, such as ‘Jenny’, which is funky pop and almost sounds like Olly Murs.

Tell me what you think. Thanks, Ethan.


Posted: September 19, 2012 in Indie Music

I heard these guys’ song, ‘Away Frm U’ on iTunes, and I downloaded it straightaway. OK, I admit it’s a bit of a cheesy title, but it makes up for it with a great song.

There’s a really refreshing blast in the music, with a faster tempo. Whistling in music is generally irritating, but it really fits the song here. I would describe it as more precise than The Monumentos, whose music is more laid-back. From their video, I’d guess that they’ve been around longer. They really make me think of what would happen if there was a live gig with The Maccabees and Phoenix, and even a bit of Friendly Fires  in there.

You get the sense from the lyrics that the song is about a boyfriend and girlfriend, but the album cover gives you a different sense of what the song is about. More a friendship, or maybe both! The (official) video is based in Central Park, New York, and for many people that have recently been to New York, whether you live in New York or the other side of the world, you have a certain sense that the video was filmed in your back garden. The ending of the video is sublime, but you’ll have to watch it yourself to find out what happens.

Let me know what you think.

I found this band called The Monumentos, and chances are that you haven’t heard of them. After sort of accidentally finding them through Facebook, I went a bit crazy. They’ve only released a few songs, and their most popular one is “Crooks”. A laid-back slice of funk-rock, Crooks is the perfect song to listen to after you get back from school. Or Uni. Or work. Either way, this is a perfect winding down song. The lyrics are beautiful, and when you read them as text you would mistake them for a poem. Their live video on YouTube gives you a sense of who they really are. They’re a group of high school teenagers, who decided they might have a go at making music. OK,  but all bands start out somewhere. Even Bombay Bicycle Club started out in secondary school. So please listen to this song, positively minded, all the way through, and bear in mind they could be huge soon.

I’m sure you’ll love them, Ethan. (Please feel free to e-mail me on