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When you’re under pressure, stressed and downright annoyed with everything in your life, asking yourself- “Why the hell am I here?”- The best thing (for me at least) is to know you’re not alone in your troubles. Listening to music is a hothouse of messages. The most frequent and constant being ‘You are not alone.’

When I listen to All Time Low’s song Weightless from their album ‘Don’t Panic’, I replay the lyrics in my head over and over again, even after the song has long since finished. I always end my train of thought with the same question: “Will any of us ever be weightless?”

“Maybe its not my weekend, but its gonna be my year,

And I’m so sick of watching while the minutes pass as I go nowhere.

This is my reaction, to everything I feel,

I’ve been going crazy I don’t wanna waste another minute,


These lyrics expose my deepest and darkest yearnings. No-one wants to wait on the sidelines of life, no-one wants to watch it go by. However, because there is a small number of songs, written about actually being weightless, I fear that the feeling is only known to some. Will we EVER break out of the circle?, Be weightless?,  Put an end to these pointless rhetorical questions we ask ourselves?
Let me know what you think,