Juvenile Hearing was founded by Ethan Cohen in September 2012, and was writing alongside Roseby Franklin since several months after that. They both listened to separate styles of music, and in some ways their tastes are very similar, but in a complementary way are very different. In October 2014, Roseby and Ethan parted in their blogging ways, and Charlie took the post as co-blogger.


I founded Juvenile Hearing as the now defunct ‘ecsindiemusicblog’ in September 2011 after a summer course I did at the Rhythm Studio, and after beginning to put together a handsome CD collection I wanted to express my musical tastes in ways other than by word of mouth. Following several posts, I decided I wanted to invite my friend Roseby Franklin as my blogging partner. Roseby and I blogged together from just several months after JH came into fruition, up until the 18th of October 2014, and that was a time in which we both really enjoyed ourselves and will be remembered very fondly by both of us. You can see Roseby’s final post titled ‘Roseby’s Farwell’.

In December 2014, Charlie and I began the next step in JH’s journey. We can both wholeheartedly admit that Charles hasn’t been entirely able to publish the amount of material that he’d wish, but that is happily excused with his forthcoming GCSEs.

I’d dwell on my musical tastes, but what’d be the point? In short, up until elven or twelve years old, my musical tastes were fairly confined to indie-alt rock, most of which was 21st-century and all made by white people. But as adolescence took its toll, my tastes expanded and they began to include hip-hop, and even avant-garde post-rock such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, I’ve also been through an intense jazz phase (which is still taking place). Also, as I began to put together a large record collection, I began to look at music from previous decades, which is how it is that I’ve gone through listening to Velvet Underground’ + Nico, Trasnformer and Dark Side of the Moon. For a more in-depth idea of my tastes, take a look at the blog and see for yourself; each post by myself begins with the subtle hint of ‘By Ethan.


Although it sounds very corny, music has always been a very big part of my life. With my father being an avid record collector, I have been hearing obscure types of music from a very young age.

These are some of my favourite artists, followed by my favourite album of theirs.

-Stan Getz ,(‘Getz and Gilberto’)

-Aphex Twin, ( ‘Syro’)

– Nas  (‘It was written’, or ‘Illmatic’)

– Daft Punk  (‘Homework’)

– The Clash –  (‘Combat Rock’)

– Joy Division  (‘Closer’)

– Simon and Garfunkel –  (‘Bridge over troubled water’)

– Bob Dylan- (‘The freewheelin’)

(oh and I have a guilty pleasure for Enya)

  1. Valerie says:

    Hey 🙂 this is Valerie 🙂 great blog! continue working on it 😛

  2. julie (your second cousin( i think) from canada woo) says:

    check out the starkins they are a new indie band kinda like vampire weekend they are really good tho -julie

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