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Posted: January 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

As I’m sure you lot have seen, Roseby and I have parted our ways in terms of Blogging (as mentioned, there was no argument between us), but we agreed that I will continue writing. I do, however, still feel that JH would benefit very much from a second writer, and after tireless hours of research and sleepless nights considering my candidates, I’ve gone for who I believe will lead Juvenile Hearing, and this nation, forward. He goes by the name of Charlie Jameson.

Charles and I have known each other since the tender age of six, and quite frankly, is the only person I would consider to be in the Roseby-bracket in terms of a music taste.

As he puts it himself,

“Hello kind readers,

As you may be wondering who this mysterious ‘Charlie Jameson’ is, Ethan and I felt it would be appropriate for me to give a short piece of information on who I am and my thoughts on music in general.

Well as Ethan said Earlier we me each other in a small Independent school in North London . Both Ethan and I left that school years ago, yet still our friendship has stayed strong ever since then.

Although it sounds very corny, music has always been a very big part of my life. With my father being an avid record collector, I have been hearing obscure types of music from a very young age.

These are some of my favourite artists, followed by my favourite album of theirs.

-Stan Getz ,(‘Getz and Gilberto’)

-Aphex Twin, ( ‘Syro’)

– Nas  (‘It was written’, or ‘Illmatic’)

– Daft Punk  (‘Homework’)

– The Clash –  (‘Combat Rock’)

– Joy Division  (‘Closer’)

– Simon and Garfunkel –  (‘Bridge  over troubled water’)

– Bob Dylan- (‘The freewheelin’)

(oh and I have a guilty pleasure for Enya)


Any way I will be posting as regularly as possible.


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