Why listening to the same album over and over isn’t always a bad thing

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

 Its so hard to find the silent type,
Someone shy who won’t spread the hype,
You’re so cold and you’re in this crowd,
I am on my way now


What If

With a month in Israel full of coach journeys ahead of me, I imagined discovering parts of my iPod that I didn’t even know about. I pictured myself getting to know tracks that had lingered amongst the thousands but I had never listened to before the trip, discovering lyrics that were yet to be heard. Yet one week of three and a half in, other than flirting with bands such as Kings of Leon and the Black Keys I had listened to very little besides Bombay Bicycle Club debut album ‘I Had the Blues but I Shook Them Loose’. Had I known I would have listened to almost nothing but one album one loop prior to the trip I would have been disappointed in myself; having not taken the opportunity of widening my musical pallet- yet from that point having listened to only a small selection of tracks felt like a satisfying choice.

What pulled me to press play each time was the varying use of guitar and maturity the band produced five years back. That range is shown in the difference between the stunning acoustic solo in the last couple of minutes of the song ‘The Giantess’ and the opening of ‘Evening/Morning’. The short intro to Evening/Morning gives us an idea of how much of the album is pieced together. However the Giantess solo brings the album to a grand close; the two contrasting styles displaying the band’s musical talent.

Prior to writing this post, I went through the album thinking of any particular endings or introductions worth mentioning before realising that besides the above two, the album is so full of them that I can’t narrow them down- which is reflected when I put two songs from this album into my post ‘Top Eleven Favourite Intros’. Before I end I think it’s worth mentioning that the band began in UCS, which is right next door to where I went to primary school- and that they are named after the Indian takeaway restaurant nearby. And the album cover? I’m pretty sure that’s taken in Hyde Park. I’ll be seeing BBC as one of the headliners of Latitude festival this weekend.





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