The Beauty of The Growlers

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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By the time I have finished this post it will have only been an hour since I discovered this musical treasure in the suggestions bar of YouTube. And I thank god I did.

After stripping my room of most of its wall decor, I sat down under my naked light bulb, in my naked room, to a computer with an email equipped with a bursting junk mail folder. YouTube was my go to site, as I was researching a not-very-good blues band (naming no names) for this very post. My blog subject quickly changed as I came across… The Growlers.

The only way to describe this band is to say their sound is very American. They sound like the kind of music you’d find played in some crummy holiday themed all-you-can-eat on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Except that this buffet is actually the scenery on a film set, for a film with a tremendous soundtrack.

Half way through the first track, (Someday) something began to stir. But as soon as the last notes of the second track (Naked Kids) played out, I was in love. Not the kind of love that is defined on Wikipedia, but the swaying in my chair, never wanting it to end, wishing I could be frozen in that moment and never forget it kind of love that can leave you singing in the shower for weeks.

I loved Naked Kids so much because the lyrics are absolutely heartbreaking, but the husky voice on the track knocks them down heartlessly, leaving you baffled as to how someone can sing such things with no emotion. But the lack of heart gives the song a new twist, probably better this way than if it was wailed by a soppy teen. At the same time though, the music enhances the singer’s neutral tone, perhaps if it was sung A Capella, it would sound more heartfelt.

Give ’em a listen, and you won’t regret it.


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