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The Weeks

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is the first genuine post about a band, rather than song of the day in a while at JH. What are your thoughts of song of the day? Anyway, a band I’d like to share with you today are called ‘The Weeks’. They are based in Jackson, Missisippi, and are now signed up to a label that Kings of Leon are signed to, Serpents and Snakes. You can certainly tell that KOL and The Weeks have collaborated in some way or another, there is a similarity between Samuel Williams (The Weeks lead singer) and Caleb Followill’s voice.

Something that I’ve been looking for in a band recently is somebody who has something to say, a new Arctic Monkeys. This is what is truly great about The Weeks, they have something to say. In a recent interview with NME, the band spoke about an apartment they’re living in in Nashville. “It’s pretty shitty,” said Williams, “There’s gunfire,” added front man Cyle Barnes (Cain’s identical twin brother) of their neighbourhood’s nocturnal soundtrack.

One of my favourite songs of ‘The Weeks’ is ‘Brother In The Night’, here are the lyrics. This is what  I mean by a band that have something to say, I think the lyrics are a mix between Arctic Monkeys and Johnny Cash (seriously, I think they’re that good)

“Say I’m wanted for a murder of a man I never seen 
They say I shot him dead, one to his head, somewhere in holly springs 
They have killed a man before not the one that they explain 
They’ll see the barrel of my gun before they ever see me hang” 

Also like KOL, The Weeks have very romantic, even poetic lyrics. These lyrics are from Sailor Song:


“And as I cry, I ask God why?How could I let my poor wife die?

And I told her not to cry and to wipe her eyes.

Well, if love is all you had, well then baby that’s not bad,

and if love is all you got, then that’s a hell of a lot.”

The reason this post consists of a noticeable amount of lyrics is that that is exactly the point: The Weeks have something to say.