Dear My Chemical Romance,

I knew from the second that I first heard ‘I’m Not Okay’, while sitting in the living room with my 14 year old sister, that this would mean something special to me, maybe not in the beginning, because I was only about 7 at the time. But from that day, something in my pre -adolescent head switched, and I knew I wanted to be part of something more than what had been dictated to me from a child’s story book. As I got older, this something  kept me up at night, I felt so foolish because while you were  changing lives by doing the thing you loved, I was stuck in the same boring routine every day: wake up, go to school, come home, go to sleep.

It wasn’t even the fact you were  famous that made me think my life was mediocre, you were doing something, which was more than what I seemed to be doing.

The albums that I bought and the videos I watched became my escape from the mundane world that surrounded me. My Chemical Romance was my leather clad cheerleader, encouraging me to believe that I can be the next Teen Queen, or Prime Minister, or Albert Einstein. But I’ve since learned that i would much rather be my melodramatic, cynical and irritatingly stubborn self, because that is what will make me happiest, especially when I’m doing it while ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’ is my soundtrack.

I’m probably failing to make an individual tribute to a band I love so well. In fact  this has turned into another cliched declaration of undying love from yet another fan. But that’s okay… I think the main reason why all of your fan letters will sound the same is that you have changed lives… you still are. We have all become a part of ‘an idea’ and we never want to let go of  it, or you. Being the cruel, brilliant people you really are, you have decided to leave us with stardust in our hair, ash on our faces and dreams that we are ready to follow.

Alright My Chemical Romance, ‘the lights are out and the party’s over, and I know you’re going to miss me so I’ll leave you with this’: Just like you said, My Chem is done, but it can never die. I know that I and millions of others will always be marching beside you in the Black Parade, cheering for sweet revenge and will never stop screaming for the Killjoys, who brought color into our lives.

See you around My Chemical Romance. Thank you for every last drop of the Venom.


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