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Most of my posts are on the spiky, yet technicolor¬† world, of alternative rock. But let me take a gentle stroll out of my jaw-clenching, hard-as-steel, snarl-for-the-camera genre into something altogether more…HARDCORE. Yes, we’re talking Power Ballads of the 80’s that make the likes of Iron Maiden and Motley Crue seem weedy. Bonnie Tyler, a big haired belter from the valleys of Wales. Her best work, in my opinion is ‘Holding Out For A Hero’. Tyler combines scarily loud vocals with arm flinging lyrics to create a truly AWESOME power ballad.

I admit, the main factor of my liking is the backing vocals. Nothing says ‘Damsel in distress’ like throwing on your cleanest white bedsheet and singing: ‘ah… ah-aaah!’ for five minutes.

80’s music videos can be either melodramatically depressing or truly hilarious. This one is the latter. Bonnie Tyler spends most of her time either on a cliff,¬† wailing in a deserted barn and being threatened by cowboys with guns. It is, comedy gold in every sense.

I haven’t much more to say on the subject except that I think this song is definitely one I will be playing next Valentines day, alone in my room after crying over my deluxe edition of ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ and hating myself and everyone around me because of all the chocolate I just filled my body with. Singletons, Bonnie Tyler and I are here for you.

Here you are, minions. A snippet of what I call brilliant music. Enjoy!