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I would like to this week revive the second Drums album, The Drums. The album itself is in fact not at all very old, it was released in 2010 and it took us by storm. But in September 2010 the guitarist of The Drums, Adam Kessler announced that he would be leaving the band. And then, they had two new members and one of which left in a matter of months. By June 2011, lead singer Johnny Pierce revealed that the band were on the verge of breaking up. They then released Portamento, and the album chart dropped from 16 to 44 in the UK. And that is my explanation as to why the album The Drums is not played on the radio nearly as much as it should be.

But why should The Drums album be played so much? They are, in case you hadn’t realised, The Beach Boys in disguise. They sing amazing vocal harmonies, like the beach boys, and after you read this, listen to a few songs from the album and then listen to a few from Pet Sounds and tell me that they don’t sound very similar.

My favourite three tracks are Down By The Water, Best Friend and Skippin’ Town. Down By The Water is the most romantic of the three. It is much more simple, it is less about the music itself but more about the lyrics:

“Everybody’s gotta love someone

But, I just wanna love you, dear

Everybody’s gotta feel something

I just wanna be with you, my dear”

What I see in the lyrics remind me of Cornerstone by Arctic Monkeys. The song is not as much about the song, and what there is of it is all very simple. They also both are offering a gesture with a particular scenario. Cornerstone is about how Alex Turner feels so strongly about his ex that he goes on a hunt in all his local pubs and he asks women that look like her if he can call them his ex’s name. Down By The Water is also about a gesture based on a specific scenario, as Johnny Pierce is saying that if he finds someone by the water (not naming anyone in particular), he would carry them home. What’s also similar about them is that we don’t know that the lyrics mean the full story trying to be told.

Best Friend is about waiting for a best friend who always disappoints. What I also love about the song is the music video, Pierce shows off his famous dancing, and he stays throughout the whole video whilst the rest of the band casually leave towards the end of the song. The song is then finished with some novelty credits.

Skippin’ Town is about something much deeper, not about romance but being chased by someone who very strongly, passionately hates them. Pierce even offers running away from home just so that he is not chased any more.

“I know you’re trying to kill me

Cause you’re chasing me around town

Until I turn around

Yeah, you’re chasing me around town

Until I turn around

I cannot take anymore

Do you want me to skip town?”

Ethan’s 13

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The likelihood is that you’ve entered the website to read this post as you’ve received an invitation for my Bar Mitzvah. If not, let me explain: my Bar Mitzvah is the celebration of turning thirteen on my Hebrew birthday. Everybody invited receives an invitation and in my invitation I have included a compilation of the following thirteen songs. This post is a list of why I have chosen each of my thirteen songs.

Although, before I do, I’d just like to say that these songs are not a compilation of my favourite thirteen songs, but thirteen songs that remind me of my own first thirteen years of life.  I have no particular singular favourite song. Some are a reminder of a person in my family, some are remembering one great moment.

1. The Byrds- Mr Tambourine Man. Now this is a song that resembles the first couple of years of my life. According to my parents, apparently when I would be crying as a baby, my Dad’s only option was to put The Byrds into our stereo and as soon as Mr Tambourine Man would come on, my Dad would be forced to start dancing, and I’d stop crying and eat my food.

2. Foo Fighters- Arlandria. Not only is this an amazing song, but it’s my two year old brother Ira’s favourite song. Many people say that I resemble Ira in the face, and it’s true- but this is where we are alike in our taste, a great song comes on and we’ll stop crying. Then again, I was less hardcore and I didn’t smash my head into the air (I think…)

3. Vampire Weekend- A-Punk. This song symbolises a long period, I started listening to it when I was about nine going on ten, and I still do. It reminds me of summers in my old school, The Academy.

4. The Killers- All These Things That I’ve Done. This is the only song on the list that reminds me of my first primary school, North West London Jewish Day School. I was told, when I was about five, that I had to bring in my favourite song on CD, and so did everyone else in the class. Of course, inevitably, they chose something like counting to ten. But no, this guy brought in All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers. Let’s just say that the class were surprised…

5. The XX- Islands. One of the most multi-instrumental tracks on the album, this song represents my trip to Denmark with one of my best friends Charlie.

6. Bombay Bicycle Club- Always Like This. Another Academy representing song, these are the days of the end of Academy and the beginning of Immanuel College.

7. Monumentos- Crooks. Yet again, another song that represents that era. These guys were the first band I ever wrote about on the blog. I discovered them on Facebook, and now have their album.

8. Arctic Monkeys- Hellcat Sprangled Shalalala. This song represents Ira’s first birthday and the beginning of the holiday when I began Immanuel.

9. The White Stripes- Hardest Button to Button. I thought that I just needed that single song that I just loved, I don’t have any particular moment or era that it represents.

10. The Simpsons- The Simpsons. The theme tune to my favourite TV show of all time had to be on the list, and it’s theme tune to The Simpsons.

11. Cheap Girls- Hey Hey I’m Worn Out. This song represents the beginning of, I read about them in NME magazine, and just got their album.

12. Maximo Park- Apply Some Pressure. I’ve purely chosen this song because the first and last band that I’ve ever seen live were Maximo Park, and this was their last song. And it’s a great one, too…

13. The Strokes- Last Nite. There was a point in my life when I went to a serious love for music from just dancing, and this song represents my entire life of loving music, no particular moment.

I hope this is a guiding idea to why I’ve chosen each song on the list.

Thanks for reading, Ethan.

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