Some people would avoid writing about a band that have broken up (before getting back together) and were formed before David Blumberg was born, the lead singer of Yuck, a band  I think they’re similar to.  Maybe it is- but I think it would be a good way to prove that I can talk about a band that aren’t just arriving into the music world but in fact the complete opposite – they’ve been around for over a quarter of a century (including when they broke up). I’d like to show that I can write about a legendary band, not just a new one.

What I really like about the sound of this band is its simplicity – yet they have an ability to play good music that reminds me a lot of Yuck (though Dinosaur Jr are even more simple).

The album from a musical point of view packs a real punch of retro with 70% of their songs over four-and-a-half minutes. Yuck may bring a strong sense of modernity to their music but they also are very retro, which makes them retro, if that makes sense… I also notice this tendency in bands like The Black Keys, especially songs in Little Black Submarines.

I’m really into the album format and cover. You can definitely see the concept, it’s supposed to give the image of many people feeling too clustered together. I really like the image of the bird on a finger by one of the faces. But I’ve found the lyrics in the album outstandingly disappointing. I really can’t see into them and just sort of feel they sing these lyrics to fit the rhythm of the music 

        “Hey me watch the corners,
watch me ’cause I know what you done
hey me don’t you know
watch me ’cause I’m all alone”

Thanks for reading, I’d really appreciate any feedback on how anyone interprets the lyrics I posted just above.

Dinosaur Jr- Almost Fare


  1. Barney Harsent says:

    Alright? A friend of mine told me about your site, so I thought I’d drop by, particularly as you’re writing about one of my all-time favourite bands. Their album Bug was one of the major reasons I picked up a guitar. Nice job – think you may have nailed the major factor in the lyrics, they fit the song. I reckon J’s lyrics are often way too personal to really connect, but the way he sings them can break my heart. Try a song of theirs called Post if you get the chance, think you may find more to get stuck into lyrically there. Or, while I’m handing out unsolicited recommendations, if you haven’t already heard of them try a band called Buffalo Tom. J Mascis produced their first album and it’s similar kind of stuff, but the lyrics are stunning.

    Anyway, good work fella, I’ve bookmarked and will check back soon.


    • Thanks Barney, nice to hear that story about Dinosaur Jr. I agree with what you said about the lyrics, and I still find them difficult do understand. I haven’t yet but I’ll definitely check out Buffalo.

      Thanks, please keep visiting- Ethan.

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