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When you’re under pressure, stressed and downright annoyed with everything in your life, asking yourself- “Why the hell am I here?”- The best thing (for me at least) is to know you’re not alone in your troubles. Listening to music is a hothouse of messages. The most frequent and constant being ‘You are not alone.’

When I listen to All Time Low’s song Weightless from their album ‘Don’t Panic’, I replay the lyrics in my head over and over again, even after the song has long since finished. I always end my train of thought with the same question: “Will any of us ever be weightless?”

“Maybe its not my weekend, but its gonna be my year,

And I’m so sick of watching while the minutes pass as I go nowhere.

This is my reaction, to everything I feel,

I’ve been going crazy I don’t wanna waste another minute,


These lyrics expose my deepest and darkest yearnings. No-one wants to wait on the sidelines of life, no-one wants to watch it go by. However, because there is a small number of songs, written about actually being weightless, I fear that the feeling is only known to some. Will we EVER break out of the circle?, Be weightless?,  Put an end to these pointless rhetorical questions we ask ourselves?
Let me know what you think,


“I’m really into this new band called Band of Skulls”

“So you’re going to be the new hard rocker of Kilburn then?”

This conversation clearly didn’t go down too well for my dad, because he was into them as well once he listened to their songs. Moral of the story: don’t naturally assume that Band of Skulls are some crazy rock band because of their name.

This three-piece are from Southampton, and the song I first heard by them was Death By Diamonds And Pearls and, their latest album, Sweet Sour came out this year, and they have a great song, Bruises, which is along with their other new singles, The Devil takes Care Of His Own, and Sweet Sour. Their niche, in my opinion, are their catchy guitar riffs, like The Raconteurs- or any of those bands Jack White is in.

From what I’ve heard, I actually also like the sound of the band as people. I Facebook ‘liked’ them, and there’s some cool stuff up there, like asking whether they should keep their old boots or go onto this pair of new ones. They’ve got a wicked album cover on Sweet Sour. This sort of crazy abstract artwork of wax and some red stuff, ‘Band Of Skulls’ engraved on it, with ‘Sweet Sour’ underneath. And a sort of Suck It And See/Humbug case, two sleeves but narrower than an ordinary case, and no clicking, just opening. If that makes sense… Their lyrics rhyme, which is more noticeable than in some other songs.

“Something good
A little trouble in your neighbourhood
Or understanding that you’re understood
Oh I kind of wish you were”.