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I got this album, Yuck, for my twelfth birthday, and I was rather impressed. The singles on the album are ‘The Wall’, the one I find most catchy, ‘Rubber, ‘Georgia’, ‘Holling Out’, ‘Get Away’, and ‘Shook Down’.

‘The Wall’ is the lazy song, the one that has no intro and is almost all chorus, the one that is literally four lines. The one that has a man yelling “Yeah!” for a lot of the song. The words are said as if they were someone behind a wall, or if you think about it in a deeper way, someone being protected by a wall.

What I love about the album is the range of sounds within it. It can be a risk, like Walk The Moon, I wrote about them, but I didn’t like it so much, but Yuck go from laid back four line songs to crazy guitar riffs and funky retro drums.

“Tryna make it through the wall
You can see me if you’re tall
Looking over                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    And I know that I’m in space”…


Yuck have obviously tried to make the album cover one that people would say “Yuck!” to. And, yes, they certainly have, but that is not where they deserve praise, as making someone react to an album cover to “Yuck!” is not very hard, they could have put a picture of an old man picking his nose. Where they deserve praise in the album cover is the fact that is still a piece of art to say “Yuck!” to, something that you can put on an album cover and not look like a fool for using it as your album cover, like, say, a man picking his nose. Well done for that, Yuck, well done.

I’d love any feedback, thanks, Ethan.

  1. beauscout says:

    Ethan, if you are not a music journalist by the time you are 21 I will eat my hat. And it is made of wool, so please don’t let that happen.

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