Cheap Girls – Hey Hey I’m Worn Out.

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Indie Music

This band were mentioned in this weeks’ NME magazine magazine by Gaslight Anthem front-man  Brian Fallon. In a a nutshell he described Ian Graham, the lead singer as having a unique voice. I think it’s something that the face of alternative music needs, the level of unique voices has died down over the last few years. It does remind me, Ian Graham’s voice, of Tom Smith, the lead singer of Editors in that it has a depth and hollowness. I felt this when I first listened to Jonathan Pierce, lead singer of The Drums’ voice.

The picture on the front of  the album cover Cheap Girls’ new album, Find Me A Drink Home, is slightly mesmerising in that you could wonder for a while as to what the picture is of. The aftermath of a party perhaps? Even after breaking up with your ex… I know when I was writing my last post in Walk The Moon I said that lyrics that don’t really seem to mean anything are very indie. And that is generally very true.  But not really as true in this band. This is because the lyrics don’t really mean very much to the listener, but we can tell that they do mean something to the writer of the song. An example is in this couple of lines

“The crash punks and I got credit cards,

And they don’t phase me when they’re living like suicide”

The other concept that I love in the band is that they are a two piece, a vocalist who also plays the guitar, the other member being a guitarist. Meaning that there isn’t a drummer- which is a unique twist, which I feel could be a new trend in big bands now. It means that the band is more subtle and soft, which suits Ian Graham’s voice. I do think that a loud powerful voice works better with a soft band, rather than crazy drums and hardcore guitar.

This is a post that I’d particularly appreciate feedback. What do you think of the lyrics? Do they mean anything to you? What do you think of the concept of a band without a drummer?


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